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Artichoke's Financial Supporters
The Backbone of our community

We appreciate all forms of giving at Artichoke, from helping with handiwork at the facility, to bringing meals to the staff when they can't break away, to bartending at Cafe Artichoke, to even sharing an encouraging word. It takes the whole community chipping in to keep Artichoke's heart pumping. Below is a list of our faithful financial supporters.

Thank you, thank you, thank YOU!

We sincerely thank all of the following individual and corporate contributors. You are helping us keep alive the tradition of folk music and of making music together in community!

Individual Supporters
$1000 or more
Richard Colombo and Jim Morris
Bruce and Joanne Fournier
Jay and Coleen Lyman
Steve Stash and Nancy McFarlane
Don and Linda Wheatley
David and Christine Vernier

$500 - $999
Woody and Lisa Moran
Dan Dover and Cheryl Mitzlaff
David Giramma and Carrie Hooten
Margie Harris
Rodney and Diane ODell
John Richter and Jani Moore
Tami Roniger

$200 to $499
Bob Arcand
David Blount and Paula Abrams
Raymond Carnes
Tom Carter and Mary McGill
Tina Castanares
Dale Christensen
Jack and Julie Costello
Terry Davis and Donna Lynn
Scott Docherty
Dale Jones
Bill MacKay
Alyson McGregor and Mark Olson
Matt Meighan and Nancy Chafin
Will Newman
Jan ODell
Sherry and Scott Pendarvis
Charles Scudder and Judy Stewart
Michael Shinn and Ellen Lairson
Carl Thor and Sara Martin
Ken and Roma Vigil
Ann Weiss
Ramsay Weit

Up to $200
Grace Alleman
Antonette Amato
Tom Arnold
Shelby Atwood
Rene Berblinger
David Blanchard
Jo Bortin
Leslie Brown
Bill Bulick and Carol McIntosh
David Burdick
Phillip and Evelyn Carrier
Milt Cohen and Monica Yoshinaga
Vincent Cowal
Don Davis
Kimberly Davis
Tim and Sophie Davis
Cynthia Feinberg
Andrea Fishman
Peter Fitzgerald
Timothy Fought and Marcia Harris
Jeff Hammarlund and Barb Ruben
Allison Handler
Mary Ann Harney
Betty Harris
Sarah Hauser
Michael Henchman
Doug Hicks
Dennis Hopkins
Alan and Sharon Horton
David and Kathleen Ingerson
Chris and Jan Jones
Elizabeth Joyce
Dave Kaplan and Karen Oealer
Ted Kaye
Jane Keefer
Patricia Keeney
Abe and Annette Knott
Dan and Ginny Laferriere
Daniel Lionberger
Timothy and Teresa Maguire
Therese Michaud
Joyce Mitchell
Tracy Newman
Timothy ONeill
Carol Orange
Robert and Roxanne Owen
Susan Peck
Joan and Mark Peters
Kay Peters
Gary and Barbara Peterson
Muriel Powers
Monet Richter
Ed Rosney
John Ross
Judy Schector
Peter and Elaine Schmidt
Danielle Schultz
Mark Schwebke and Carol Tingle
Mary Scott
Geoffrey Scowcroft
Denise Searles and Celeste Mazzacano
Dennis and Paula Simila
Deb Solheim and Mary Haley
Carl and Jennifer Solomon
Suzanne Thornton
Victoria VanDyke
Carolyn Wieden
Kathy Wilde
Maya Williams
Minnie Young
Stephen Young


We want to thank the many volunteers who help keep things running smothly at Artichoke. Please visit our Staff page to take a look at some of these wonderful Artichokians. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please Contact Us.

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