Live Looping - Gone Virtual

Annie Sea
Artichoke Community Music School: On-Line (location map)
Monday, 7:00 PM - 8:20 PM
01/25/21 - 02/01/21 (2 weeks)

If you have taken Annie's class before. Come back!  Go deeper.  This class consists of two, 90 minute classes that will dive more deeply from beginning to more advanced live looping skills.  ZOOM details will be provided by Annie to all registered students before the class sessions begin.

Live looping allows musicians to lay down layer after layer of sound in real time. Please join Annie Sea for an afternoon of creation and experimentation with live looping at this workshop. We will explore building songs with the looper, technical considerations, and avoiding common looping pitfalls.

Annie's skill is well known.  She successfully competed in loop festivals all over town. 

A glowing testimonial:
"The first time I heard about Annie's class, I had been interested in looping for years. Despite my interest, I felt intimidated and a bit overwhelmed trying to get started. Annie is a fantastic instructor who is able to create an open and positive learning environment for beginner and expert alike. After my first class, I had to go out and get a looping pedal because I was hooked. I'm so thankful I took a risk and signed up! Looking forward to more opportunities to loop!"


Q: Do I need to bring my own looper?
A: No - I will set up my two boss loopers (RC 30 and 300). Most loopers work in a similar way, and this allows us to be efficient with the class time. If you are interested in more in-depth help with your own looper, I also offer private lessons. 

Q: Should I bring my instrument/s? 
A: Yes - please do! It works best if you have something that we can connect via a 1/4'' input or play into a vocal mic. I will bring my guitar and various noise-makers. 

Q: Can I sign up if I don't have a looper or have never tried looping before? 
A: Yes - loopers and the first-time loop-curious are all welcome. We will be able to have a station for beginners and another for those who are more advanced. 

Q: If I have some experience looping, will I learn anything at this workshop?
A: In addition to reviewing the technical aspects of looping, we have enjoyed co-creating with other musicians during the first two workshops. It's useful and fun to see how others use this music-making tool!

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