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Mar 11, 2021
Virtual Village Special with SSV

Virtual Village Presents Soldier Songs and Voices

Showtime is 7pm - Thursday, March 11 on Artichoke’s Facebook Live.

Soldier Songs and Voices has been serving the veteran community in Portland, Oregon since 2013.  An all-volunteer organization, SSV offers guitar instruction and songwriting workshops to veterans, at no charge.  Soldier Songs and Voices currently meets on Zoom on Sundays, from 2-4pm.  We might discuss chord voicing, walk-ups, or hammer-ons; we might review and discuss the career of a known songwriter; or we might just share songs or poems that we’ve been working on, have written, or admire.

Artichoke Community Music supports Soldier Songs and Voices by providing classroom space, Zoom access, and other amenities - free of charge.  Tonight we will be featuring performances by SSV coaches and veteran participants from around the country.

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For over 45 years, Artichoke Community Music has provided a creative space for people of all ages and background to gather, play and share traditional music from all cultures. Artichoke Music is a non-profit music organization dedicated to building community through music by providing rewarding experiences for people to discover, learn and play music. We offer classes that celebrate the folk music tradition, a local community music store uniquely serving the folk music tradition in Portland, an instrument lending library to make instruments available to all who want to play, and we provide an affordable, comfortable space for music teachers. 

Operations during the COVID 19 Pandemic: Our music store is open. During the pandemic we ask for your cooperation with our safety guidelines during COVID.  We miss live music events at Artichoke and hope to see you all in person soon. For the foreseeable future, we are offering live performances virtually and our events will be posted. All music classes are being offered online. Check store hours here:  Store Hours.

Donate to Artichoke. Your donations are tax-deductible. Also, Oregon Residents may receive an additional state tax credit when they match their donation to Artichoke Music with a donation to the Oregon Cultural Trust. Support the Arts in Oregon.  

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