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Barbecue for Artichoke
Summer Community Fun!

Fire up the grill! Invite your friends! Share a meal! Play some music! Pass the hat for Artichoke!

We’re betting that sometime this summer you’re likely to host a barbeque – why not make it a barbeque with a mission?

The summer months are tough for Artichoke. The Artichoke Café is closed in August. School registrations and workshops are limited. Store sales are down as people spend their days bicycling, vacationing and gardening. You can help Artichoke weather the slow summer months by holding your very own Barbeque for Artichoke. Friends of Artichoke hosted a few of these events last year and they were a remarkable success, introducing new people to Artichoke and raising some much-needed funds.

This year we want to make this an official annual event. We think it would be fantastic to have 100 barbeques happening around the region, each one bringing old and new friends together for good food and music-making. It can happen!

The Power of 10

The math is simple. If each barbeque host invited just ten people, and each of those ten people donated an average of $10 to Artichoke, we would raise $10,000. That would fill the financial gap we face every summer.

Wow! Think of it – 100 grills or Hibatchis or backyard pizza ovens fired up between now and September. Friends with guitars, ukes, mandolins or just their voices. Let the good times roll!

Your barbeque might be anything from a house concert to a sing-along, a catered meal to a potluck, public or private – it all depends on your style and what you would like. You could charge for admission, solicit donations at the event, or simply leave a donation jar on a table. It’s up to you.

Artichoke Community Music will provide a brochure about Artichoke and some compilation CDs you can share with your guests. We know that most of you will be making music at your event anyway, but let us know if you need a musician to play at your barbeque or lead a song circle. We have a list of musicians that will play for a burger (or steak)!

We encourage you to invite people that may not know about Artichoke. This is not just about the money. We want to spread the word about our community. If you need help getting the word out about your event and want us to promote your barbeque just say the word.

Sign up today and let us know when you plan to have your event. Click Here!

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