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Chuck Cheesman writes, performs, and teaches music for people of all ages.

Chuck was a favorite childrens music instructor at Chicagos Old Town School of Folk Music for several years. He contributed three tracks to their popular Wiggleworms Love You CD before he and his wife left Chicago to begin a family in Arizona. He has performed and taught at libraries, festivals, and in classrooms for the past fifteen years. His own recording of original songs for children, Dancing With No Shoes On, was released in 2012.

Chuck also performs regularly as a grown-up his music often inspired by wild places, personal relationships, and issues of social justice. He has released three recordings of original songs, the latest being Imagining Dancers in 2011. His music has been played on radio across the country, including the nationally syndicated Midnight Special.

In 2012, Chuck and his friend Robert Neustadt produced a compilation CD called Border Songs. Well-known artists including Sweet Honey in the Rock, Michael Franti, and Pete Seeger contributed tracks to the project, and it has so far raised over $35,000 for the humanitarian organization No More Deaths/No Ms Muertes. Chuck is currently producing a second compilation CD to benefit Flagstaffs Whale Foundation, an organization that helps provide access to mental and physical health care professions for the Grand Canyon River Guiding Community.

Chuck, his wife Jill, and their children Casey and Milo moved to Oregon in June of 2013. His music and performance calendar can be found at http://chuckcheesman.net.

Teacher's Web Site: chuckcheesman.net

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