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Norman Hamilton


Styles:Classical, Nylon String, Folk, Fingerstyle Arrangements of Popular Music

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Norman's father taught classical guitar on a university level so music was a part of his everyday life growing up. Norman has a degree in education and has taught in public schools but decided to go back to his roots to teach music. He has been teaching music lessons since 2003.

He enjoys working with beginners as well as more advanced players for all age levels. He believes in making an instrument accessible and fun to play. Lessons are catered to the interest and abilities of each student.

He has developed a teaching method for children based on his years of experience as a musician and teacher.

Here's a parent's description of lessons: Norman has been our daughter's classical guitar teacher for 3 years, since she was six. We started her with lessons thinking we'd explore it for a few months, but Norman's kind, teacherly approach and his easy-to-follow lessons plans made continuing a a good investment of our time and money. He's attentive to the pace (and ramblings) of children while helping them to approach the instrument from multiple, integrated perspectives. In addition to learning to play, read music, and listen for and identify notes, our daughter has fun, gains a feeling of accomplishment, and is learning some great songs from the American archives- Aimee S.

Norman is also available for performances. He plays fingerstyle arrangements of an ecliptic mix of music which includes Latin- especially Tango, old time American folk, Celtic, 60's & 70's pop.

Teacher's Web Site: www.guitarukebanjo.com

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