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Group Classes for Adults & Teens
Performance and Musicality (2 hours)

Instructor: Lauren Sheehan
Term: September 2013
Dates: Tuesdays - September 10 to October 22
7 weeks
Time: 5:00 - 5:50 pm (2 hours)
Cost: $160
Registration: Register Online
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Class Info

In a supportive group, learn how to be a better musician and/or performer. Individuals will sing and play, getting immediate coaching and feedback. We will focus on strengths and how to maximize them, as well as consider areas for development. Expect clear, straightforward suggestions, practice/performance time and ‘homework’ in addition to group warm-ups. This group tends to be intense and rewarding and students usually learn quite a bit from each other.

Be prepared for playing and singing material you are familiar with. We should be able to use the stage and work acoustically, no PA.

This is a Master Class for singers and players on all instruments in all genres.

Teacher's Web Site: www.laurensheehan.com

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