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Workshop for Adults & Teens
Blues Workshop Package

Instructor: Anne Weiss
Dates: Saturday, June 23
Time: 10:00 am - 1:30 pm
Cost: $70
Location: 2007 SE Powell Blvd
Registration: Class Cancelled.

Workshop Info

Note: This class has been cancelled for this term.

Combine both workshops to maximize your joy of the blues. Registration for the Blues Package will allow you to take both workshops back to back: Blues Ukulele and How to Get the Blues-Blues Vocals

The first class will help you learn how easy it is to play the blues on Ukulele. We'll use several different blues styles, work on rhythm and groove (yes, on ukulele) and even write one group blues tune!

The second class will help channel the blues with your voice. Come equipped with just your voice and/or a guitar or ukulele (and knowledge of basic chords if you are bringing an instrument) and we'll add all the ingredients for playing and singing great blues songs with panache! Individual and group skills will both be supported.

Beginners and up welcome; the only prerequisite is that you know how to play A, D, E7, C, F and G. We'll take it from there!

Teacher's Web Site: www.anneweiss.com

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