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Group Classes for Adults & Teens
Intro to Gypsy Jazz (All Instruments)

Instructor: Tracy Kim
Session: Summer 2018
Dates: Tuesdays - June 19 to July 31
7 weeks
Time: 6:00 - 6:50 pm
Cost: $120
Location: 2007 SE Powell Blvd
Registration: Class Cancelled.

Class Info

Note: This class has been cancelled for this term.

This class will focus on the music and guitar style of the great French Gypsy Jazz guitarist, Django Reinhardt. We will examine his compositions and improvisations, both in terms of chords and melody. Django's unique technique will reveal his fretboard concept. This approach can be applied to any style of music or to anyone who wants to increase their fretboard knowledge. Tracy will reveal the mystery behind creating the swinging chords and his beautiful melodic 'gypsy' style single note lines.

This class is now open to all instruments. The past classes has included: violin, accordion, clarinet, dobro, etc. No music reading is necessary. Tracy will supply tabs including songs, exercises, licks, techniques, and also teach his colorful "special effects." For non-guitar players, standard notation will be used as well. Mandolin tab will also be supplied for mandolinists. Uke tabs for ukulele players(low g string recomended).

The Gypsy Jazz Class will be presented and taught by Tracy Kim, who has studied and performed in this style for over 15 years. He has hosted many local gypsy jazz jam sessions and also workshops specifically on gypsy jazz. He currently performs with the Kung Pao Chickens, the 12th Avenue Hot Club, and his own trio. This class at Artichoke Music is a perfect introduction to playing in the style of Django Reinhardt.

If you are an instrumentalist other than guitar or would like more information, please contact Tracy: tracytkim@gmail.com

Teacher's Web Site: www.tracykimmusic.com

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