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Classes Begin September 8, 2015

All classes are 50 minutes long unless otherwise noted
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Group Classes for Kids
Course Title Instructor Day Time
Guitar and Baritone Ukulele for Kids (Ages 8- 12) Hamilton, Norman Tuesday 5:00 pm
Ukulele for Kids - Beginning (7+) Hill, Avery Wednesday 4:00 pm
Ukulele for Kids - Intermediate (7+) Hill, Avery Wednesday 5:00 pm

Group Classes for Adults & Teens
Course Title Instructor Day Time
Beginning Guitar Martin, Adrian Monday 5:30 pm
Beginning Clawhammer Banjo Berblinger, René Monday 6:00 pm
Intermediate Guitar Martin, Adrian Monday 6:30 pm
Irish Session 2 Compton, Dan Monday 7:00 pm
Playing by Ear (All Instruments) Martin, Adrian Monday 7:30 pm
Irish Session 1 Compton, Dan Monday 8:00 pm
Playing Well with Others (all instruments) Martin, Adrian Monday 8:30 pm
Fiddle 2 Cronin, Megan Tuesday 4:00 pm
Fiddle for the First Time Cronin, Megan Tuesday 5:30 pm
Song Forms and Structures Meighan, Matt Tuesday 6:00 pm
Intro to Gypsy Jazz (All Instruments) Kim, Tracy Tuesday 6:30 pm
Songwriting as Truth-Telling - Tuesday Meighan, Matt Tuesday 7:00 pm
Gypsy Jazz Guitar 2 Kim, Tracy Tuesday 7:30 pm
Gypsy Jazz Guitar 3 Kim, Tracy Tuesday 8:30 pm
Singing for the Vocally Challenged Weiss, Anne Wednesday 5:30 pm
Beginning Mandolin (4 weeks; starts Oct 7) Oberlin, Brian Wednesday 6:00 pm
Ukulele 1 Hill, Avery Wednesday 6:30 pm
Intermediate Mandolin (4 weeks; starts Oct 7) Oberlin, Brian Wednesday 7:00 pm
Ukulele 2 Hill, Avery Wednesday 7:30 pm
Learn to Sing Harmony Weiss, Anne Wednesday 8:00 pm
Swing Music for Guitar Mullany, Dave Thursday 5:00 pm

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