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About Artichoke Music
The Heart of the Portland Folk Music Scene

Who We Are

Artichoke Music is a 40-year-old nonprofit music community center. We develop and support musicians, attract and educate audiences, and create a connected community of acoustic music lovers of all ages and backgrounds. Artichoke Music is an integral part of the creative community of musicians in Portland, Oregon and in the Pacific Northwest.

What We Do

Artichoke Music develops and supports musicians

In an era where people too often allow the "experts” do it for them, we offer a friendly, encouraging place where people of all ages and backgrounds can discover, learn and play music themselves. Whether you've just picked up your first guitar, or you've been playing for years and want to write music, or you're ready to learn how to make your living through the business of music, you'll feel welcomed and supported at Artichoke.

Artichoke provides education through our music school and through outreach to under-served communities. We serve all ages but most of our students are adults. We believe that everyone who wants to make music should have the tools, training and encouragement to do so.

Artichoke's music school offers group classes and workshops as well as individual instruction. Musicians of all levels will find opportunities to play with others in supportive jams and song circles. The stage at Artichoke Café, our intimate listening room, is a great place to grow as a musician.

Artichoke's outreach programs address the needs of typically under-served communities by bringing teachers and performers to them. You'll find our teachers at senior centers, schools, and hospitals offering performances and workshops.

Artichoke Music attracts and educates audiences

The music business is as difficult as any other artistic pursuit, and Artichoke promotes Oregon's professional musicians by growing the audience for acoustic music. Acoustic music has deep roots in our culture, from traditional folk music to blues, jazz, bluegrass, country, and contemporary folk.

Artichoke offers a venue for all of these genres and works to help audiences understand and appreciate the character of each. We produce shows that attract the best local and touring musicians to Cafe Artichoke where they perform in solo shows or "open mic” evenings at Cafe Artichoke. Artichoke produces compilation CDs to promote local talent, especially songwriters.

Artichoke Music creates a connected community of music lovers

All of Artichoke's programs and activities are built around and focused on community-building. Artichoke Music connects performers with audiences, teachers with students, learners with mentors, and players with other players.

Artichoke's learning community supports all levels of musicians as they grow and evolve in their craft and art. Whether in musicianship, stagecraft, recording, or the business of music – Artichoke has people to learn from, people to play with, and people to mentor or teach. Many of the people who join this community are not musicians themselves but love music. Our appreciative audience is integral to a healthy music community. Artichoke is made up of people who love music and want to hear it.

Artichoke brings people together and gives them opportunities to play and share with each other through a variety of programs and activities. This is a place where everyone belongs. We are dedicated to the inclusion of diverse cultures in the students we teach, the communities we serve, the artists we present and the audiences we attract. Artichoke is a welcoming community and gathering place where people can engage in the universal benefits of music regardless of their age, race, color, gender, religion, sexual orientation or gender identity.

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